The Gripping, Inspiring Story of Jeff Emmerson

Man, it’s wild to imagine that I stayed behind these horrid walls for a brief but life-altering stay back in the summer of 1999. My crime? you’ll have to read my story to find out, but I PROMISE you that it will be worth every single penny. In fact, I already know it’s going to be a best-selling memoir.

memoir book

I’ve invested in this blog and future site of The Road to Myself: Dying to Live (where i will have my full website, blog, sell my books, share my videos, and SO VERY much more for my readers all over the world!) since doing so was the ONLY way to be able to customize it the way I want it, and this is just the start! When you go from to, a literal world of opportunities open up customization-wise.

memoir book

Anyway, my inner spirit, the fire in my soul, and whatever else you call it was BORN during my brief stay at the Waterloo Detention Centre. In the paddy wagon (prisoner transport vehicle) that held us in like sardines, I was forever changed while in my WORLD GYM sweatshirt that was blue with red lettering. I was big, strong and had a shaved head, while the others were (as I remember) sarcastic, unmotivated, and sad souls who continued to joke about getting high and blaming anyone ELSE but themselves for their current situation. The handcuffs would have been useless if anyone happened to say one wrong thing to the others.

Looking back, I was a fucking sheep amidst wolves, and thank God I got the hell out of the jail within a couple days. I was doing push-ups while ALL the others formed a group, watching the old wrestling show Monday Night Raw.

….God, the details I remember. 

OK – I can’t let the emotion flood out any more than it already has.

I have a story that’s going to touch people deeply – the people it’s MEANT to touch, also known as My Target Market.

This is my way of giving back to humanity. I must follow my heart until this story is out there, then move on once and for all (if ever TRULY possible).

Thank YOU for “listening.” I do this for you. 


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